26 Recipes for Canned Beans (2024)

Whether they're served alongside a main ingredient or are playing a prominent role in a meal, canned beans are a quick and easy way to add a healthy boost of protein to any dish.

In this collection of recipes, you'll discover how a can (or two) of nutritious beans can transform chili, pasta salad, enchiladas, and more. These delicious and easy bean medley recipes call for black beans to cannellini beans and everything in between, so make sure your bean stash is fully stocked before you start browsing!

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Turkey-Pumpkin Chili

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This fall-inspired chili recipe calls for pumpkin purée, smoked paprika, and two cans of cannellini beans, which add plenty of body to each comforting bowl. Plus, using lean ground turkey here means this dish is a touch lighter than many standard chili recipes. Top each serving with some chopped cilantro and a dollop of rich sour cream and you're all set!

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Refried Bean and Cheese Melts

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (2)

This mollete—an ultra-comforting and cheesy open-faced sandwich—is about to be your new favorite meal. The popular Mexican dish is made with a can of refried beans and sharp Manchego cheese, all resting on a buttered baguette. Serve it with some pico de gallo and a side salad for an easy lunch or dinner, or pop a fried egg and some sliced avocado on top for a brunch you won't soon forget.

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White Bean and Farro Salad

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (3)

If you're looking for a protein-packed salad, give this recipe a try. Here, you'll find hearty farro, crumbled feta cheese, baby arugula, and a whole can of cannellini beans, in addition to thin shallot slices and fresh dill. A tangy and light sherry vinegar-based dressing ties the whole thing together.

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Skillet Pork Chops and Beans

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (4)

This one-pot meal, which is inspired by an often laborious French cassoulet, comes together in just 30 minutes. Here, you'll find seared pork chops nestled in two cans of aromatic cannellini beans and a medley of chopped vegetables. Crushed, seasoned croutons add a satisfying crunch.

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White Bean and Barley Soup With Tomatoes and Greens

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (5)

If you're ever at a loss with what to do with a can of beans, just toss 'em in a soup. In this recipe, a can of cannellini beans is joined by crushed tomatoes, kale, and barley to create a meal that's sure to leave you feeling full. Grate some Parmesan on top of each bowl for a rich touch that adds a bit more protein to the whole thing.

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Glorious Green Dip

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (6)

While charred scallions and fresh spinach are the stars of this dip, cannellini beans come in to help balance out some of the flavors. You'll also find punchy chives, bright lemon juice, and just enough mayonnaise to get a perfectly creamy texture. Feel free to dunk veggies or chips into this spread, and if you have any left over go ahead and drizzle it over some grilled chicken or fish.

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Green Chile Enchiladas

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (7)

Vegetarian enchiladas? Yes, please! Here, each corn tortilla is filled with a cumin-spiced vegetable and black bean mixture that gets deeply caramelized and savory after a long sauté. Then, the whole thing is baked in spicy green sauce and a blanket of melty cheese. What's not to love?

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Slow-Cooker Black Bean and Zucchini Chili

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (8)

Break out two cans of black beans for this big-batch recipe, which all comes together in the slow cooker. In addition to black beans, this chili also features ground beef, fire-roasted tomatoes, diced vegetables, tomato paste, and plenty of spices. Top each bowl with sour cream, sliced avocado, and cilantro to complete the meal.

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Tuna and White Bean Salad

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (9)

If you're searching for a pasta salad that has it all, this one is it! In addition to pasta, this recipe features cannellini beans, crunchy celery, salty Castelvetrano olives, and meaty tuna. It's also bathed in a Caesar-like dressing that comes together in minutes. Enjoy it as a main course, or as a hearty barbecue side.

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Black Bean-Oat Burger

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (10)

The backbone of these vegan burgers is two cans of black beans. Each patty is also made with rolled oats, garlic, soy sauce, chili powder, and scallions. Top each burger with jarred or freshly made salsa, lettuce, and sliced tomato on a hamburger bun and you're good to go.

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Buttery Shrimp With Marinated White Beans

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (11)

Believe it or not, this restaurant-quality dinner is ready in just 25 minutes. Here, two cans of cannellini beans and a pound of shrimp are flavored with a little help from lemon juice, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, butter, and white wine. While this recipe calls for cannellini beans, you can use gigante, cranberry beans, or even chickpeas in a pinch.

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Mole-Spiced Black Bean and Quinoa Bowl

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (12)

This vegetarian dinner uses jarred mole sauce to save time, and it also features roasted cauliflower, black beans, quinoa, and arugula. While the meat-free recipe is certainly satiating enough in its own right, feel free to add some leftover rotisserie chicken if you have any in the fridge.

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Fast Italian Fish Stew

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (13)

Though it might look complicated, this healthy fish dinner is ready in just 30 minutes. To make it, you'll nestle filets of crisp-skinned halibut into a garlicky tomato and bean mixture, which is brightened up with lemon and fresh herbs. If you can't find halibut, cod or grouper would be a good substitute. Serve this delicious stew with crusty bread to sop up the sauce.

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Spiced Chicken and Chickpea Soup

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (14)

Chickpeas—AKA garbanzo beans—add some heartiness to this flavorful soup. You'll begin by searing coriander-turmeric seasoned chicken thighs, and then letting them simmer along with carrots and canned chickpeas in a broth infused with garlic, lemon, and ginger. Once the chicken is cooked through, shred it with two forks and return it to the pot with lemon juice and a few handfuls of dark leafy greens, like spinach.

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Sweet and Tangy Baked Beans

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (15)

This quintessential summer side requires just 25 minutes of hands-on work and calls for three cans of pinto beans. Strips of bacon make a smoky, salty flavor base, while barbecue sauce, whole-grain mustard, and a touch of brown sugar add plenty of flavor. The secret ingredient—fresh pineapple chunks—balances the rich, salty bacon in these saucy baked beans beautifully.

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Spiced Rice With Crispy Chickpeas

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (16)

Rice and canned chickpeas, two pantry staples, are the stars of this dish that works well as a side or meat-free main. The fragrant basmati is combined with melted shallots, garam masala, and dates, while the chickpeas are transformed into crispy, turmeric-spiced orbs. Pistachios add a pop of nutty flavor, while cilantro draws out the earthy undertones.

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Crunchy Mediterranean Chickpea Bowl

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (17)

Crispy chickpeas strike again! Here, the crunchy beans are joined by caraway-spiced marinated beets, couscous, tahini, and store-bought baba ghanoush.

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Chickpea-Tuna Salad

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (18)

Instead of mayonnaise, this healthy take on tuna salad is vinegar-based. First, you'll marinate a can of chickpeas in oil and vinegar to infuse them with flavor. Then, the fiber-filled beans will join oil-packed tuna, radicchio, and red onion, along with kalamata olives and capers, to create a savory and delicious lunch.

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Cheesy Baked Beans and Tomatoes

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (19)

This recipe transforms pantry ingredients like canned beans and tomatoes into a comforting and easy weeknight dinner. Fragrant oregano and garlic help coax pizza-like flavors out of these everyday staples, resulting in a bubbling, saucy skillet perfect for mopping sauce up with toasted bread. If you have fresh basil on hand, top each serving with a few leaves to enhance the pizza vibe.

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One-Pot Chicken Sausage and Beans

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (20)

We love this cassoulet-inspired dish because it can be made in one pot. To start, cook the smoky Andouille chicken sausage, which renders flavorful drippings that you'll use to coat the breadcrumbs for topping. Then, you'll build a tomato-enriched filling made with soft onions, juicy tomatoes, and rich ground pork. All this joins two cans full of tender cannellini beans, which are on hand to absorb the saucy deliciousness.

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Spring Bean-and-Chard Soup With Toasted Almond Pesto

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (21)

This vegan soup gets its hearty texture from a combination of two cans worth of whole and mashed cannellini beans. The beans are then joined by a homemade basil-almond pesto, Swiss chard, and several other satiating vegetables.

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Slow-Cooker Bean and Spinach Enchiladas

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (22)

Fill the tortillas with black beans (both mashed and whole), chopped spinach, corn, and Cheddar for a warm and comforting meal.

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Zucchini and Bean Salad With Bulgur

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (23)

You can make the zucchini-bean mixture and the bulgur up to 12 hours in advance.

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Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Chili With Sweet Potatoes

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (24)

Yes, chili with ground beef or turkey is delicious, but you don't need meat to make the game day staple. In fact, this meat-free recipe calls for sweet potatoes, plenty of vegetables, black beans, and kidney beans in place of some more traditional protein sources, but certainly doesn't skimp on taste.

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Spicy Chorizo-and-Pinto Bean Chili

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (25)

Add some spice to your chili courtesy of bold chorizo. Here, the flavorful meat is joined by onions, a poblano pepper, and pinto beans in a tomatoey broth. To complete the meal, top each bowl with avocado, cabbage, and lime wedges. Feel free to add queso fresco, cilantro, and even corn chips to the mix as well.

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Creamy Miso White Bean Soup

26 Recipes for Canned Beans (26)

This vegetarian soup recipe is as delicious as it is easy to make. Pantry staples like cannellini beans and vegetable broth are elevated courtesy of white miso, which brings layers of nuanced flavor to whatever it touches. Serve this soup with toasted, crusty bread so you can mop up every last drop.

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26 Recipes for Canned Beans (2024)
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