Cuanto cuesta un lifting facial en 2023 (2023)


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Hello, today, I am going to talk to you about How much.

Does a facelift cost in 2023 Stay!! Welcome back to my channel, I am Dr.

Carlos Rosales, otolaryngologist specializing in facial plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation.

This year, I am going to present the new prices for facelifts, both in Mexico, the United States and my own.

ok? We are going to start with the United States, I'm going to share the screen with you.

We are reviewing a page called 'realself', which is one of the main pages that list prices for aesthetic treatments in the United States.

So we are going to go to procedures and facelift.

We can go directly to the cost of the facelift, which is the name given to the facelift in the United States or in English.

We see that 93% of people say that it is worth it and that it has an average cost of 12,400 US dollars.

, OK? this in Mexican pesos around.

If we take around 20, the dollar at 20 pesos, it would be around 248 thousand Mexican pesos, okay? Well.

Here on the page.

There are also other types of facelift.

This facelift does not detail what technique it is, but, as I have already mentioned in previous topics in previous videos, there are different techniques to do a facelift.

We are going to take this as if is a deep plane and I'm going to show you here in procedures, I'm, going to go to all the procedures and if I go to the face section, you can see that the page has, for example, a lower facelift, that it may just be the rejuvenation , the neck, the jaw line that put it at 10 thousand US dollars and if I click on 'show more', we see that they have a mini facelift that put it at 7,175, therefor, cheaper, okay?, And well, probably around here.

If we go down more, we will find other types of facelift that the page shows, we are going to stay with those and this 'mini facelift' would be around 150 thousand Mexican pesos.

What this page is putting in the United States , OK? Now we're going to check Mexico.

How much does it cost in Mexico, to check the prices in Mexico I normally go to this page called multiesté

This same page has its subsidiaries in Colombia in Argentina and I, think in other Latin, American countries, but hey.

This is the one we have here.

We are going to go to.

'treatments' I am going to see all and here in the face and neck facial lifting appears, on this page.

It says that 87% is worth it based on 7 experiences and that it has an average cost of 43,438 Mexican pesos, okay?, which in US dollars would be around 2,150, beware.

This is a very, very low price for a deep plane, probably is not referring to a deep plane, probably is referring to a facelift, a mini facelift and maybe even done in the office or something like that, because this cost, well, it would be difficult to cover the expenses of a proper operating room.

To do a facelift for this cost, right? I have realized throughout t hese years that.

Although I use this page to see prices, normally the prices that they put on this page are much lower than those that are handled on average, both in Cancun and in Mexico.

According to certain of my colleagues, with whom I meet every year at congresses, so these are prices that are not necessarily very real, right?.

So now, and before going on to my prices, let me tell you, well, you don't always have to get carried away by the price, or because it's very cheap and it's enough for me to do it, and it's for what I can pay for, no.

Not, because it's very expensive and it means that this surgeon is the best in the world, because in medicine that doesn't necessarily work that way.

Maybe when you buy a cell phone or a car, normally, the most expensive is the best, but in medicine, and when it comes to facial plastic surgeries at least, they don't necessarily work that way.


First thing we have to see are the results of this surgeon that we are interested in going to meet or have an operation with him.

And the second are the comments that patients make about their surgery, about their results, about their care and in third place..


We turn to see the price, and so we can decide if it is enough for us or we look for a little lower price or even higher, right?, but hey.

Never get carried away by the price is my advice, and now with that being said, we are going to go to my website.

Here, you can see it, it is like an online store.

In fact you can pay my evaluations, there, schedule your appointments, and if we go down, we can see the main services, some reviews, etc., then, up here there is a catalog.

We can enter the catalog, there.

You will see the prices, for example, eyelid, surgery, lip, eyebrow, etc., and we have the face and neck lifting product, I am going to click on it.

The price that I currently have in January 2023 is 140 thousand Mexican pesos, which in US dollars is around 7000 US dollars, now, I have configured in my web page the option to be able to change the price and the language, up.

Here we can change the language to English and we can also change the price, for example.

If we want to see it from England- and we put here in how many pounds it is and well we give it to apply, and this is converted to pounds and it's around £6,050 right?, Sterling or British, I, don't know, but well, pounds then.

We can also change it to euros, to euros to find out how many euros it is, and it's around 6,860 euros, right? and well.

They have this slider.

If you are also in Latin America, you can change it.

For example, I know, I have some followers in Peru.

We can give it how much it is in Peru and in Peru it is around 27,731 Peruvian soles, okay?, So, well, I.

Let you configure the page so that, depending on the country, you see me from.

You can see how much my consultations and surgeries cost, well, then, what more comments? Remember that this facelift price is normally only referring to the face and neck.

It does not refer to other auxiliary or added procedures that we can do.

Each rejuvenation of each patient is configured depending on the needs of each patient.

We are all different.

There are patients who need upper or lower eyelid surgery or both, raising the eyebrow, raising the lip.


There are, ladies, whose earring has elongated their ovule and they want to take advantage of it to repair their lobe and make it closed again, so that It is configured according to each patient.

You can see my prices here in my catalog and in these two pages that I showed you.

You can also see the prices of those procedures and you should consider them in your own quotes, well.

Having said that, I hope you've liked this video, I do not review other countries due to lack of time for the video to not make it too long, but look for these pages in your countries and you can find them, if you liked this video, give it a Like.

If you want to leave me in the comments, how much the procedures cost in your country, do not hesitate to do so and well.

It was a pleasure to be with you again.

This 2023 and I wish you an excellent year., Bye bye.


How much does a face lift cost? ›

How much does a facelift cost? The average cost of a facelift is $8,005, according to the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

How many years does a face lift take off your face? ›

A face-lift can give your face and neck a more youthful look. But face-lift results are not permanent. With age, the skin on the face may begin to droop again. In general, a face-lift can be expected to last 10 years.

What happens to your face 10 years after a face lift? ›

In general, you should expect to look ten years younger and see dramatic, but natural-looking, anti-aging of the face and neck. Facelifts don't stop the aging process, but results are permanent. That means ten years down the line; you can still look a decade younger.

How many years does a facelift make you look younger? ›

How much younger does a facelift make me look? According to a study in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Patients who have undergone a facelift rate themselves as looking at an average of 12 years younger after facelift surgery.

What is the best face lift procedure? ›

The deep plane facelift is generally considered the most comprehensive and long lasting type of facelift. This facelift involves the layer of muscles under your facial skin. These muscles are responsible for much of the drooping or sagging you may experience in your face as you age.

How much is the most expensive face lift? ›

His quote for an extended deep-plane face-lift—his spin on the classic deep-plane lift, first described in the 1990s—is $250,000. He stipulates, however, that this sum covers only the surgical fee for his face- and neck-lift procedure. It does not include anesthesia, the operating room, or recovery nurses and lodging.

Can you get a facelift at 40? ›

Facelifts that target the lower face, or areas like the neck and jowls, are usually most beneficial for patients in their 40s. These areas tend to see the most change at this stage in life, and many patients in their 40s aren't quite ready for a traditional full facelift (or deep plane facelift).

What time of year is best for facelift? ›

Winter is the perfect time for a facelift. It's easier to avoid the sun, which aids the healing process. Bandages can be more easily hidden under layered winter clothing. When warm weather arrives, and social activities pick up, you'll face the world fully healed and looking and feeling your best.

How painful is a facelift? ›

Pain. There is usually very little actual pain following a facelift, but you may experience a deep bruised sensation as a result of the swelling, and your face may seem heavy. The bandage you will wear the first night may seem quite snug under your chin.

How many times can you do facelift? ›

Can I have multiple facelifts? Technically, there is no limit or “magic number” when it comes to how many facelifts can be performed. But as we mentioned, we want to make sure your results remain as natural as possible. Too many surgeries can make your face appear “pulled” or “worked on,” which is not always desirable.

What are the risks of face lift? ›

Possible complications associated with facelifts may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Nerve injury. Facial nerve injury or weakness may occur along with numbness or changes in skin sensation. ...
  • Infection and anesthesia reaction. ...
  • Hematoma. ...
  • Slower healing process (for some people). ...
  • Scarring.

Can face lift change your face shape? ›

Yes, a facelift will change the look of your face but not the appearance of your unique features.

What is the best age for first facelift? ›

In some cases a facelift can be done early in life but, in most cases, a facelift works best for people who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, when the signs of aging begin to appear more prominently on your face. Those deep lines, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin you see are indicators of the aging process.

Should a 70 year old get a facelift? ›

There is no specific age that is right for a facelift. You can get a facelift at 70, 30, or 45. If you have signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, or fine lines, a facelift can help you improve your appearance for a more youthful glow.

Does a facelift get rid of all wrinkles? ›

A facelift is a great answer for jowls, loose skin, and heavy sags. It will also work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but will not remove them entirely. As mentioned above, a facelift cannot stop your body from aging. It will help to refresh your look and make the wrinkles less pronounced on your skin.

What is the newest skin tightening procedure 2023? ›

Best procedure for neck tightening in 2023

Microneedling creates micro-punctures in the skin to signal the body to heal and rejuvenate the area, while radiofrequency energy heats the skin to prompt collagen production and stimulate skin tightening.

Which is better face lift or Botox? ›

A facelift provides more significant and visible results than injectable treatments. Because it's a surgical procedure, results last far longer than other treatments – often for 10 years or more.

What is the most natural-looking facelift? ›

Natural Results: SMAS Facelift

The most dramatic yet natural-looking results occur with a full SMAS facelift with the incisions on either side of the face beginning at the temple and extending down and around the ear to the lower scalp. These incisions are well hidden within the hairline.

Which facelift lasts the longest? ›

Which facelift lasts the longest? The deep plane facelift lasts up to 10 years, making it the facelift that lasts the longest. A mini facelift usually lasts around 5-8 years, depending on how well you care for your skin. Liquid facelifts must be repeated every year to maintain the positive results.

How much is a Korean face lift? ›

The average facelift surgery in South Korea costs about $6,000 to $8,000.

What is the best facelift for a 60 year old? ›

Brow Lift – When you have major furrows and lines on the forehead, undergoing a brow lift is a great option for tightening skin and smoothing those lines away. Lower Facelift – Jowls tend to become more pronounced with advanced age, which is why the lower facelift is such a great option to consider.

Is 50 too old for a mini facelift? ›

There's no magic age for getting a facelift, some people choose to have one at 35, others 40, 50 or 60+. According to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, getting a facelift when you're in your 40s provides longer lasting results than it does for people in their 50s and older.

Is 65 too old for a face lift? ›

SOURCES: American Academy of Dermatology Association: "Cosmetic Procedures: Are They Safe for People 65 and Older?" ‌American Society of Plastic Surgeons: "Study Reports Cosmetic Procedures as Safe for Elderly as Young."

How do I know if I'm ready for a facelift? ›

Deep Creases and Wrinkles: When deep creases, folds, and wrinkles have developed around the nose, mouth, and chin, it may be time to consider a facelift. Lifting and smoothing the deep tissue and skin can provide significant improvements to these signs of ageing.

What is the 3 day facelift? ›

This 3 Day Face Lift procedure will tighten loose skin, as sagging skin can age a person significantly while tighter, smooth skin symbolizes youthful vivacity. Additionally, the most telltale sign of aging– wrinkles– will be removed when the facial skin is tightened.

Do you stay overnight for a facelift? ›

You will probably be able to go home 1 to 2 hours after surgery. But you may have to stay overnight in the hospital or surgery centre. Follow-up care is a key part of your treatment and safety. Be sure to make and go to all appointments, and call your doctor if you are having problems.

Can you go home after facelift? ›

A person undergoing a facelift normally goes home on the same day after surgery. You will be given specific instructions on how to care for the surgical site, medications to take, and when to follow up with your medical provider.

Can I drink coffee after facelift? ›

Avoid alcohol, smoking, nicotine, and caffeine, for these will dramatically slow down the healing process.

Is it hard to eat after a facelift? ›

Patients are encouraged to take it easy by eating soft foods and avoiding anything that is too chewy or hard. This is because swelling can make some foods difficult to eat. Here are some examples of meals that are easy to eat after a facelift in Denver, CO: Soups: Pureed or cream-based soups are ideal after surgery.

Why did my facelift fail? ›

Why Do Some Facelifts Fail? Facelifts usually fail because of a surgeon's lack of expertise. 90% of facial plastic surgeons perform superficial facelifts, which tighten the skin and do not treat supportive musculature. Surgeons may also pull facial tissue too tight, which makes patients look startled and unnatural.

Who is not a good candidate for a facelift? ›

If your skin is not flexible, or if you're significantly overweight, this isn't the right procedure for you. You also need to accept that a facelift is not a permanent solution to aging. You'll continue to age and may need another procedure or procedures down the line if you want to maintain your “younger look.”

What face shapes age the best? ›

Round faces tend to age very well compared to other face shapes due to the fact they store a lot of fat in the cheek area. This can keep you looking younger for longer than those who lose fat quicker. This means that a gaunt and dull complexion takes longer to develop.

Which face shape is most attractive? ›

Oval: Your face is often longer than wide, with the forehead standing out as the largest area of your face. According to Papanikolas, this form is typically regarded as the most attractive facial shape.

What does your face look like after a face lift? ›

Your face likely will be bruised and swollen. The swelling may get worse before it gets better, but it will probably go away in 1 to 2 weeks. After a few days you may get some bruises on your neck and chest. This is caused by gravity, which pulls the excess blood and bruising downward.

Should I get a facelift at 55? ›

Ideal Age for a Facelift

The ideal age range for a facelift is between 45 and 55 years old. This is because the effects of the facelift are maximized and last the longest within this age range. With proper maintenance, a facelift can last for 10 to 12 years.

Is 62 too old for a facelift? ›

While there's no “right” age for a facelift, women age 50 and above tend to consider facial plastic surgery more often than those who are younger. Several things often align to cause aging adults to move forward with the life-changing procedure.

Is 72 too old for facelift? ›

This is because women in their mid-forties or early fifties still have sufficient skin elasticity to achieve optimum results. As you get older, excellent results can still be achieved for women in their sixties, seventies — or older if you are in good health and overall fitness.

Should a 75 year old get a face lift? ›

70s and older

If you cared at 30 how you looked, you will still care at 70. Most individuals, in good health, can consider cosmetic help even in their 70s in order to keep a youthful appearance. Most individuals in this decade need to consider a full facelift to remove sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles.

Is 73 too old for a face lift? ›

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a study finds cosmetic procedures just as safe for elderly as for young . Patients over the age of 65 can undergo cosmetic surgery with the same complication rate as younger patients.

How can I look younger without a facelift? ›

What Makes You Appear Younger?
  1. Dermal Fillers Add Volume and Fullness. Our skilled professionals, Dr. ...
  2. Injectables Soften Lines and Wrinkles. ...
  3. Radiofrequency Skin Tightening. ...
  4. Facial Contouring with FaceTite. ...
  5. Chemical Peels. ...
  6. Microneedling. ...
  7. IPL Photofacial. ...
  8. Microdermabrasion.
Jul 30, 2021

Does facelift tighten under eyes? ›

A mini facelift targets the lower portions of your face, including the jowls, cheeks, and mouth areas. This means that while you may see a tighter appearance around your eyes, no loose skin will be removed from this area.

Is A facelift better than a filler? ›

Dermal fillers are most commonly used in the lips, cheeks, temples, and forehead. Generally speaking, a facelift is recommended when patients are experiencing more advanced signs of aging, whereas dermal fillers might be more suitable in treating the early stages of facial aging.

How can I lift my face naturally? ›

5 Facial Exercises That Help Lift Your Face Naturally
  1. Face Burpee. If you have ever done (or seen) a traditional burpee, you know that this exercise is all about all-over strength training. ...
  2. Upper-Eye Exercise. ...
  3. Under-Eye Exercise. ...
  4. Crow's Feet Exercise. ...
  5. Jaw-Tightening Exercise.
Nov 10, 2022

How painful is a full facelift? ›

You will feel some pain for 2 to 4 days after surgery. You may have some trouble opening your mouth for several days. The skin around the incisions probably will be numb. You may have some itching or shooting pain as the feeling returns.

Are facelifts worth the money? ›

The cost of a facelift procedure can be significant, but its benefits make it well worth the investment for many people. A facelift can provide a rejuvenated and youthful appearance, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and correct age-related facial sagging, wrinkles, and lines.

How many years does a mini facelift last? ›

Both the full and mini facelift procedures provide long-term results. While each patient is different, the mini facelift typically lasts 10 years. Some patients continue to see results for longer than 10 years.

How many times can you do a facelift? ›

Technically, there is no limit or “magic number” when it comes to how many facelifts can be performed. But as we mentioned, we want to make sure your results remain as natural as possible. Too many surgeries can make your face appear “pulled” or “worked on,” which is not always desirable.

How many hours is a facelift? ›

A standard facelift surgery may take anywhere from two to six hours depending on the extent of your surgery. Scars from a facelift are hidden in your hairline and around your ears. Your specialist will tighten the skin and underlying muscle to create a youthful, fresh appearance.

How will I look 3 weeks after a facelift? ›

At weeks 3 and 4, you may still have some residual swelling (this is normal and will dissipate), but for the most part it is at this point patients often begin to see real improvement in their face. You will look and feel much better three weeks after your facelift.

Will I look better after a facelift? ›

Your face will look slimmer after a facelift because facelift surgery tightens loose, sagging skin, leading to a more defined jawline and chin. It can also get rid of a double chin, making you look slimmer and more toned. Other benefits from facelift surgery include: Addresses severe wrinkles and facial lines.

Do you stay overnight after facelift? ›

You will wake up from surgery with a large cotton dressing surrounding your face. This will stay in place until the following morning. All face and forehead surgery necessitates that you stay with us overnight.

Is 60 too old for a facelift? ›

If you are worried that the procedure you want is too risky for someone your age, worry not. Most sources say that the safety of plastic surgery for people over the age of 60 mostly depends on situational factors, not age.

What are the side effects of facelifts? ›

Possible complications associated with facelifts may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Nerve injury. Facial nerve injury or weakness may occur along with numbness or changes in skin sensation. ...
  • Infection and anesthesia reaction. ...
  • Hematoma. ...
  • Slower healing process (for some people). ...
  • Scarring.

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